Light Up

The light table does not get enough credit or attention in your early childhood classroom. It has great potential for building, fine motor skills, socialization, creativity and collaboration. It is often placed in some dark corner of the room with the same transparent toys splattered on it hoping that a child might make his or her way there at some point and get busy but often what happens is that child is uninspired by the uninspiring set up of that said table. Teachers play a huge role in how children interact with the materials in the classroom… they can facilitate magic or destruction.

Teachers should take time to carefully select materials, a variety of materials, to bring to this amazing space. The light table can be transformed into an arctic wonderland with some cotton balls, polar animals, sheer white fabric or taffeta, small plastic shot glasses and poof !… watch what happens. Consider everything but be selective and ask yourself, would I want to play there? Would that interest more than one child? Can I expand upon this? Can learning happen here? Why am I doing this?